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Jan 3, 2006: Redolent is planning to launch Contact Management Software
Redolent , Inc - a software solution company is planning to launch contact managment software targeted at keeping friends and family members in touch.

Redolent is a software solution company mainly focusing on web, ecommerce and enterprise wide applications delivering customized solutions as per customer's need.

As per company official, this software will be launched under  name of  "Clanio". This sofware will have following features.

  • Member can define its contacts and important dates for contacts -- birthday and anniversary as of now.
  • Member can choose email templates for each of contact or write specific email and store it for each contact.
  • Each Contact can be personalized in terms of subject, Greeting, Signature etc.
  • Extra emails for to, cc and bcc can be provided for each contact.
  • Member can import Yahoo address book ( more to be added soon ). That would give member quick start!
  • Member can export address book in FRM format ( more formats to be added soon ).
  • Members can choose timezone for each contact, so that email would be delivered at their local time. ( as of now 9:00 am in morning )
  • Member can view email queue and look at the actual email which would be sent out.
  • CLANIO would send email to contact on specified date and time.