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A manufacturing company benefits from Online Order Managment System and provides better customer experience
Project Summary
This project involved development of full feature Online Order Management Sysem(OOMS) for client.

It has all required features needed for Managing 0rders online. It tracks Orders from start till Shipping is done. OOMS also had reporting module.
Business Challenges
  • Manual process to handle orders of any size
  • Transactions over email using spreadsheets, which needed to be completely paperless
  • Big files needs to be uploaded to server from company's customers. This needed to be  seamlessly integrated in new order processing system
  • Complete workflow of order management needs to be implemented
  • Required to integreate with UPS and FedEx to provide order tracking
  • Relatively tight timeline to complete the project
Value Addition by Redolent
  • Redolent  designed totally fexible and robust order management system as pe specification
  • New order management resulted into totally paperless process
  • Resulted into increased productivity
  • More streamlined process
  • Quicker turn-around for order completion
  • More customer satisfaction