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Vertical internet search company gets email alert system quickly
Project Summary
Application involved development of end to end email alert application

  • Email Criteria registration
  • Property detail page registration for user
  • Emailing weekly or daily list of property to all registered user
  • Email template design
Business Challenges
  • Client needed complete email alert system for its web users
  • Very tight timeline
  • Required to search datbase for properties by 14 parameters
  • Required to provide full featured email alert system covering design, coding and imlementation
Value Addition by Redolent
  • Achieved goals of project before deadline
  • Successfully implemented email alert system
  • Helped client  to reduce time-to-market which was very important to client.
  • Helped to launch website with more features
  • Architected system in flexible way providing to technical value for further development of website and its features