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A software company improves product quality by QA automation
Project Summary
At high level, Command Line TOOL was to be devleoped, which can create a sharepoint portal environment automatically.

The tool needs to be run after a fresh sharepoint installation. Tool also should be able to manipulate and delete sites automatically.
It also needs to accommodate framework, which can create portal of large sizes
Business Challenges
  • Client required QA automation to test its product for Mcirosoft product  - Sharepoint server
  • Process needed to be completely automated so that product can be tested without minium human intervention
  • It required use of web services and still high performance needed to maintained
  • System needed to be flexible and configurable
Value Addition by Redolent
  • Helped client to test its product in better way
  • Complete automation and flexibility to configure the testing process help client to be very productive
  • QA automation toolset also invovled state of art architecture which client can reuse for its other products. This lowered total cost of ownership on product side.