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PHP-RAD is robust OpenSource web application development framework intended for rapid application development.
Framework is developed using LAMP or WAMP ( Linux/Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP ) architecture.
It is modeled after MVC framework in general.

With this object oriented framework and tool, PHP based web application can be developed very rapidly. Save time and start using PHP-RAD.

Many sections of this website is developed using PHP-RAD.

If you want to know more about PHP-RAD, you can write to us using this form. click here

  • Concept is modeled based MVC pattern ( Model, View, Controller ), which clearly separate all 3 components of any web application
  • Object Oriented coding in PHP. Makes use of classes.
  • Architecture is modeled after struts, which is very well implemented web framework in Java/JSP.
    • Use of common database class as Model
    • Use of Smarty templates for View
    • Use of common controller class for Controller
      • Use of Action class, Form class and Bean class for any page
  • Comes bundled with PERL based code generation framework. This simplifies writing code. Pure CRUD ( Create, Read, Update, Delete )type of pages can be created every quickly without much coding.
    • Meta-data kept in XML files, which are simple to use and modify.
    • Use templates for generating Controller action class, form class and Bean class
  • Use of all openSource technology. Code can be extended as per your recruitments
Beta release coming soon...