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Clanio is integrated and complete Contact Relation Management (CRM), which is part of customer relation management solution. Contacts can be social or professional. Clanio adds social touch to customer relation management. It can be used in various ways

Clanio organizes contact and aggregates all data in any format user wants. It provides many useful contact oriented services. Data is available in various formats - Web, Desktop and Mobile devices.

It stores helps you remember your customer, friend or any contactís important dates like - Birthday, Anniversary and more specific dates as defined by user. It sends reminder before each event. You can also import other address book like Yahoo, Outlook etc to get started quickly.

  • Complete Contact Relation Management System (CCRMS) with various access options
    • Web client is available online. Can be accessed from anywhere.
    • Desktop client can be installed on any Windows PC or Mac computer
    • Embedded mobile client can be installed on any mobile or PDA devices
  • Various services available to implement multiple features
    • Connector and data exchange service
      • Connector service connects with major address book providers and supports import and export to providers
      • Integrates with all major contact and address book software like Outlook, Windows address book using connector service.
      • Address book Import service
        • Import service allows exports data from Clanio to 3rd party or user defined format
      • Data Export service
        • Export service exports data from Clanio to 3rd party or user defined format
    • Reminder service
      • Sends reminder before sending actual emails
    • Email service
      • Sends emails, (on userís behalf), if configured to do so
      • Many standard email templates suitable for various occasions
      • Support for user defined email templates
      • Each contact can be assigned specific email template.
      • On actual event, Clanio will send email to contact as defined in email template
    • 3rd party integration service
      • Integrates with services providers like e-cards, social networking websites etc
    • Reporting service
      • Reporting service mainly produces all types of reports, which helps decision making process. User defined reports can be considered after phase-III of product
    • Template service
      • User friendly templates can be defined.
      • User can define his/her own templates. Template manager has all required functionality.
  • Event and date management
    • Support to define custom events specific to a contact
    • Stores any important dates -- Birthday and anniversary or user defined for user's contacts
    • Support for public holidays and festivals
  • Invitation and networking features
    • Invitation by email. Sends invitation page to specified email and tracks the response
    • Page can be sent again after specific interval only ( to prevent possible spamming )
    • Time zone can be stored for each contact. Delivery date is adjusted according to time zone.
    • Page can be sent again after specific interval only ( to prevent possible spamming )
    • Time zone can be stored for each contact. Delivery date is adjusted according to time zone.
  • Intuitive Dashboard
Architecture & components

Clanio architecture and design is robust as well flexible to meet customer's demands.

Major components of complete Clanio Systems are given below

  • Clanio Core - Clanio core is main component of Clanio system, which ties all components to gather. It is multi-layered architecture
    • HTTP/SOAP server layer
    • Various services layer - All of core services are included in this layer.
    • Core Library and Data Access Layer
    • Web Application layer
    • Browser / User interface layer
  • Connectors - Connectors are used to integrate with any major address book providers - online or otherwise. Examples are MS Outlook, Yahoo addressbook, Gmail addressbook, Hotmail addressbook etc
  • Mobile Embedded Client - This is quite important component of system. Using embedded client Clanio can be used form compatible phone or PDA
  • Windows Desktop Client - This is very important desktop client brings entire features of Clanio to powerful and sleek desktop client. It is easy-to-use and does not require user to be connected to internet all the time
  • Synchronize Client - Synchronize client acts as bridge between any outside component to the Core system of Clanio. Using proprietary format it can Sync up address book and contacts in minutes
  • 3rd party Services connector - 3rd party integration services is important to future releases of Clanio. It integrates major
System Diagram


High level system diagram of Clanio can be found here

Click on image to enlarge

Try Web client (beta) NOW!
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