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Red-Tracker™ is a generalized web-based Issue Tracker application written with Java/Struts/MySql, which can be used to track open issues across projects within an organization.
  • User login
  • Customizable authentication methods
    • Database based authentication
    • Windows XP Domain based authentication
  • Project repository
  • Issues can be tracked by Projects
  • Issues can be appended by different users
  • Single page-view for an issue with all appended notes
  • User can be assigned to one or more projects
  • Upload list of issues into repository from excel or csv file
  • Download list of issues to excel, csv or XML file
  • Support for Email Notification on different events
    • On Creation of an issue
    • On Modification of an issue
    • On Closure of an issue
  • Notifications can be set per project and list of people in notification list can be changed as per need.
  • Easy-to-use Interface
Under Development