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Web Development/Design
» Migrating legacy or Client/Server application to web-based application
» Total custom solution for web based application
» E-Commerce Websites
» Internet and Intranet based Portals
»Web Based Content Management Solutions
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»Complete E-commerce Suite
»Custom Shopping cart development
»Opensource ecommerce implementation & customization - Zencart, OScommerce
»Expertise in end-to=end development
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Opensource Development
» Linux/Apache Web Solutions
» Efficient and Economical Java based solutions
» LAMP - Linux/Apache/Mysql/Python Solutions
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Offshore development
»IT/ Software Operations
»Setup your own software Product Design and Development center at very low cost
»Finance/Accounting Services
»HR and Talent Management services
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QA services
»Software Products
»Web Applications
»QA Automation
»Whitebox, Blackbox, Graybox
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