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Redolent provides complete e-commerce related development services. Redolent understands that e-commerce has many challanges and opportunites for your business and Redolent can meet all challenges with robust and flexible solutions tailored to your business needs.


With our experience in e-commerce area, our customers can have benefits like:

  • Strong system architecture
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Intuitive catalog browsing & navigation
  • Flexible and scalable site-design
  • Easy catalog management
  • Proper taxononmy and categorization.

  • Opensource Advantage
    • OsCommerce
    • zenCart
    • X-cart deployment


Development Scanarios

Complete E-commerce Suite
We offer very robust e-commerce solutions. One of our major solution is to provide complete e-commerce package for your side, which is totally tailored to your needs. Complete e-commerce package would include following and more as per your specific needs :
  • Member Login
  • E-Catalog
  • Catalog/Taxonomy Management
  • Shopping Cart
  • Content Management
  • Wizard based Checkout
  • Order Management Features

Shopping cart
Redolent can also develop different components of e-commerce based on your requrement.

Shopping cart is most basic component of e-commerce and redolent can develop one for you very quickly at economical rate.

E-Catalog is essential for e-commerce business. We offer different implementation of E-Catalog based on your requirements. Product details can vary as much as you like. Having worked on many such applications , we can propose many data models suitable for your E-Catalog.

We offer ready-to-use solutions for many industries, which can be plugged into your site with proper customization.

Virtual Supply Chain (VSC)
Vitual Supply chain is innovative and profitable venture for many e-commerce businesses. Having been successfully implemented by many companies, you can do that too!. Redolent provides consulting in for setting up successful Virtual supply chain solution for your e-commerce. With use of Virtual Supply Chain you can expand on your business multi-fold without worrying about carrying and managing inventory for each of product.

Your Virtual Supply Chain can include following ( and more as per your needs ):

  • Content ingregration with partners
  • Order integration with 3rd parties
  • Order Fulfillment Portal for Vendors

Our Strength - redEdge™

Redolent has required experience, expertise and vision to design, develop and deploy solution which is right for our customers. With proven delivery process customer's ROI is guaranteed.

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