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Switching to cloud computing by using Google Apps? Let's say, it is just smarter way of doing things!

Google Apps messaging tools include email, calendar and instant messaging solutions that help employees communicate and stay connected, wherever and whenever they work.

Google Apps provides simple and very affordable licensing to use its services.


Redolent is an authorized reseller of the Google Apps Premier Edition and Google Message Discovery services. We offer direct billing and management of these services to businesses and organizations of all sizes. In addition, we offer complete deployment solutions and more information can be found on the services portion of our website.

Google Apps – $50/user/year

Google Apps Premier Edition provides an unparalleled experience for over 2 million businesses. There are many benefits to moving to Google Apps and the cloud. Learn about a few of the key benefits.

Google Message Discovery – Starting at $13/user/year

Many organizations need complete access to their users email for security and compliance reasons, others need the piece of mind that no emails will ever be permanently deleted by end users accidentally or on purpose. With Google Message Discovery, administrators can manage email retention with a centralized, searchable archive so administrators and users can locate email quickly.