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Opensource Consulting Services
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Redolent, Inc is strong proponent of opensource and has skills on opensource development platforms and technologies.

Redolent, Inc specializes in providing open source business solutions to the enterprise. The company has successfully developed, customized and implemented many open source solutions in the high-tech, e-commerce and other markets.

Redolent develops innovative business solutions to solve unique business challenges, architect a strong foundation, and help customers develop an effective plan for their business.

Redolent Consulting Services helps customers create and sustain value from the open source community with their extensive knowledge, experience, and commitment to the community.

Redolent Consulting Services addresses the major challenges faced by CIOs and/or Technology decision makers today:
  • How do I maximize ROI on IT investments using open source?
  • Which open source technologies and solutions are enterprise-ready?
  • How do we adopt open source software in our organization?
  • How deep is the proliferation of open source software code in our organization and what are the associated business risks?

The unique positioning of Redolent in the open source world enables the capture, analysis, and dissemination of information from multiple sources to provide open source strategies to the customers. The combination of open source and proprietary technology expertise at Redolent helps the customers manage potential technology and licensing risks.

With proven expertise in open source business solutions, Redolent helps customers in business value alignment, organizational readiness, feasibility and risk assessments, risk mitigation strategies, building open source technology adoption roadmaps, open source community engagement models, and deployment of open source software development model. Redolent takes the time to understand the customer business environment and helps build a competitive advantage, using open source software.

Redolent Consulting Services organization helps customers realize the full potential of open source products and helps increase the return on investment by uncovering the business solution value from your value chain.