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Opensource Migration Services
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Customers can now leverage the innovation and cost-savings of open source software by replacing the expensive, proprietary business applications with the powerful, enterprise-ready open-source alternatives.

As per industry reports, it shows that companies are turning toward opensource solutions to lower their costs.

Open source is Way to go !!

Redolent can help accelerate the application migration process while reducing risk and transferring critical knowledge to the development team of the customer.

Redolent service teams focus on migration solutions in the areas of:

  • Microsoft to Opensource
    • Microsoft architecture to Opensource migration in area of database, web server and application porting
    • Microsft to Java/J2EE
    • Microsft to LAMP architecture

  • Appilcation Servers
    • WebLogic
    • Apache/Tomcat

  • Content Management Systems
    • JBoss
    • Joomla
    • Mambo

  • Customer Relation Management
    • SugarCRM

Every Redolent engagement with customers follows a structured and proven delivery Process that is optimized for enterprise deployments of open source business solutions.