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Opensource Solution Building
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Redolent, Inc specializes in providing open source business solutions to the enterprise. The company has successfully developed, customized and implemented many open source solutions in the high-tech, e-commerce and other markets.

Redolent Professional Services builds custom solutions using open-source applications and Redolent solution frameworks to address the business problems of customers. Redolent consultants architect, design, develop, and deploy business solutions for customers worldwide. Redolent Professional Services team offers domain expertise, helping customers to shorten development cycles and speed time to market. Working with Redolent consultants, customers can leverage best practices gleaned from more than 50 real-world open source business solutions deployments, as well as updated product training.

Redolent service teams have worked with customers like Epson, Oki Semiconductor, UNC Healthcare, UNC School of Medicine, Pacific Dental Benefits Insurance, and Priority Health.

Redolent service teams focus on building solutions in the areas of:

1. Content Management Systems (CMS) & Portals. Some of our CMS & Portals solution frameworks include:

  • CMS and Portals like Joomla, Mambo, e107, PHP-Nuke
  • Channel management portal
  • E-commerce content management
  • Case management and forms processing
  • Idea management portal
  • Globalization / Internationalization

2. CRM with services built around the SugarCRM product suite, which include:

  • SugarCRM strategy
  • SugarCRM customization and enterprise deployment
  • Migration to SugarCRM
  • Enterprise Application Integration with SugarCRM
  • Education and Training

3. E-commerce services with focusing on OScommerce, zencart and other full or Semi opensource e-commerce suites. Services include:

  • E-commerce vendor selection
  • E-commerce website design and customization
  • E-commerce launch strategy
  • Customization of business rules
  • Content data setup for e-commerce sites
  • Reporting changes

The Solution Build Methodology

Redolent Professional Services executes each engagement using a proven methodology, which comprises of phases including Discovery & Requirements Analysis, Solution Design, Coding, Deployment, and Support & Review. The best practices ensure validation and documentation of the solution vision before start of coding, which proceeds smoothly and swiftly thereafter. Discovery and Solution Design

Good planning builds the foundation of a successful project. The discovery and design phase enables the interaction between Redolent Professional Services and the customer team to design an architecture that meets the current business requirements and scales to support future growth.


To start the engagement, Redolent business consultants / architects work with the customer teams to discover the business and technical requirements. Typical questions asked during the discovery process include:

  • Who are the stakeholders in project success?
  • Who will be the end users of the application?
  • What teams need to work together?
  • What is the function of the application or site?
  • What are the relevant business processes?
  • How will the results be measured?
  • How will the solution meet evolving business needs?
  • What components are required in order to develop a fully functional, integrated solution?

Architects translate detailed requirements into designs that speed development to meet current requirements and ensure scalability for future initiatives. Coding and Deployment

Building on the plans finalized in the Discovery and Design phases, Redolent implementation services include Coding and Deployment. Redolent Professional Services team offers unmatched experience and expertise, with a solid understanding of what it takes to turn a good design into a successful deployment. Working with Redolent Professional Services for Coding and Deployment, clients can:

  • Leverage best practices and expertise of more than 50 open-source business solutions deployments.
  • Compress the time and cost of development with Redolent modular development practices and code re-use.
  • Benefit from the uniquely close relationship that exists between Redolent service teams and open-source communities.
  • Keep projects on time and within budget working with Redolent project management experts.


Redolent Professional Services offers their architects and developers as “mentors” to customer developers in true spirit of partnership, to create an environment where customers can become their own experts for future projects. The Mentoring Program allows customer developers to work along side Redolent developers to become completely familiar and comfortable with the development environment.

Once an implementation is complete, Redolent is committed to ensuring the long-term success of our clients. Our extensive training and support programs aim to keep customers up-to-speed on new releases and to quickly resolve any problems that arise. Similarly, our support programs help customers keep projects on track.

Support & Review

At Redolent, we know that a truly valuable solution initiative requires more than just a successful deployment. The solution must run smoothly day-to-day and it needs to grow with the organization to continually meet new and emerging business requirements. Redolent offers a comprehensive portfolio of support services including solution hosting.

Every Redolent engagement with customers follows a structured and proven delivery Process that is optimized for enterprise deployments of open source business solutions.