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SaaS Solutions
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Software as a service (SaaS), sometimes referred to as "software on demand," is software that is deployed over the internet and/or is deployed to run behind a firewall on a local area network or personal computer. With SaaS, a provider licenses an application to customers as a service on demand, through a subscription or a "pay-as-you-go" model.

SaaS was initially widely deployed for sales force automation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Now, it has become commonplace for many businesses tasks, including computerized billing, invoicing, human resource management, financials, content management, collaboration, document management, and service desk management.

Our SaaS Services and Solutions enable SaaS customers to face exciting new horizons more efficiently and effectively. We are trusted partners and value added resellers for many SaaS based products for operations optimization, cost rationalization and reducing time to market.

Our focused services include SaaS strategy & enablement, operations management, professional services, 3rd party integrations, SaaS testing, product maintenance & support.


Our SaaS Solutions and Services

SaaS Bootstrapping Services

We provide Bootstrapping services for SaaS products development & implementation map. CRM expertise is essential to a business, but a key part is understanding the unique needs of a service and/or support organization, contact center, or field service team.

Just a small amount of time spent with us can yield dramatic results in:

  • Managing Support Teams (In-house, contact centers, virtual teams, etc.)
  • Case Management Systems (Salesforce, Netsuite, ZenDesk, and many others)
  • Knowledge Bases, Metrics & Reporting, Customer Surveys
  • Integrations (ZenDesk to Salesforce, Bugzilla to Netsuite, etc.)
  • Training, Coaching, and Mentoring  (**New service by popular demand)
  • Social Media for Customer Service

Because we do these things for lots of different customers and business models our expertise is always improving, which means our customers receive greater value over time.

SaaS Strategy & Evaluation

Navigating the challenges that SaaS business operations throw at you can be daunting. This is especially true of SaaS firms with a management team whose primary experience is with on premise software. SaaS is different. We can help you create a clear operational SaaS Strategy that focuses on enhancing operational efficiencies and increasing operating margin. We help SaaS companies identify and optimize key operating procedures and achieve superior customer satisfaction with in following key areas:

  • Build a better quality product through technology, automation and processes.
  • Strategy to leverage cloud computing for production and non production environments.
  • Achieve higher customer satisfaction with better implementations and better customer support.
  • Create more structured operational processes, change management, incident management and asset management.
Using our unique SaaS operational maturity model, within 1 weeks of assessment, we can help you create an actionable operational strategy that is aligned with your business goals.

SaaS professional Services

Implementing and managing SaaS product/service isn't easy. It requires organizations to focus their energies on developing a sustainable competitive advantage. A clear focus on the roadmap, coupled with a trusted partner with a scalable professional services center that delivers support to a growing customer base, are the necessary building blocks to be successful.

Redolent, Inc provides SaaS Professional Services that allow you to focus on your products while we support you in managing the surrounding ecosystem. We work with SaaS providers to help implement, integrate, configure and customize a wide range of products across industry verticals. And our rapid deployment methodologies ensure SLA based deliverables.

Redolent, Inc SaaS Professional Services enable you to maintain your key customer relationships through project management, while we help you scale your services organization with our expertise and skilled resources.

SaaS Customization/SaaS Configuration
The Redolent, Inc team works with you as an extension of your team to ensure that the standard and configurable modules of your product reflect the desired business process.

SaaS Systems Integration
The Redolent, Inc team helps you integrate your solution platform with your customerís system of records. SaaS solutions, particularly on the enterprise side, require significant integration of data as well as process levels. Redolent, Inc experts identify and develop optimal integration processes to ensure that your customerís data is integrated and secure.

SaaS Custom Business Intelligence and Reporting
Redolent, Inc experts implement custom metrics/KPIís and reports to ensure that you maximize value from your SaaS solutions.

SaaS Management/Support Services

Managing IT operations and customer service efficiently and cost effectively takes a lot of experience and specialization. Redolent, Inc SaaS Operations and Support Services help you focus on reducing costs of operations while maintaining high operations standards. Our emphasis is on leveraging technology, our offshore expertise and our experience to reduce your operations costs and increase efficiencies.

SaaS Operations and Support Services

Customer Support
SaaS companies cannot afford to lose sight of the importance of a relationship with the customer. Customer support, professional services and uptime are critical elements of keeping your customers happy, retained and most importantly, successful. Redolent, Inc specializes in setting up a support program with emphasis on self-service, knowledge portals and strong systems to reduce the costs of your support organization. We can help you setup inexpensive ticketing systems backed by our support staff and a self-service knowledge base that will result in an extremely lean and efficient support organization.

Provisioning and Licensing
Provisioning is everything that happens from the time your customer decides to buy your product to when they begin using it. We can help you gain significant savings by automating this process, which otherwise is often done manually. Provisioning automation encompasses activities for build, deployment, workflow processes and interfaces with billing, licensing, sales and customer service.

Leveraging the Cloud
IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) enables a SaaS firm to leverage computing resources from the cloud resulting in a significant reduction in capital expenditure. This is especially effective for meeting peak computing demands which otherwise would require dead infrastructure investment. Redolent, Inc can help you create a strategy for leveraging the cloud for hosting, meeting peak demands or any other needs your SaaS business has.

SaaS Migration Services
Migrate your traditional client/server application to SaaS or on-demand model. We provide full life-cycle service to convert and implement your client/server or non-cloud product/service into fully enabled SaaS service.

Our Strength - redEdge™

Redolent has required experience, expertise and vision to design, develop and deploy solution which is right for our customers. With proven delivery process customer's ROI is guaranteed.

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