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Corporate Values
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Redolent is very fast growing company with a solid track record of software solution and value added consulting. As company, we value our customers, employees and all stackholders of company.
Customer Satisfaction
We put forth extra effort to make our customers succeed even under the most extreme conditions. To prioritize Customer Satisfaction in our philosophy of business, we track the performance of every single employee with metrics built around customer satisfaction.
Commitment to Employees
We nurture teamwork, candidness, and wisdom among our employees to get the best out of each one of them. Management is devoted and committed to growth, satisfaction, and performance. We strongly believe that happy employees produce happy customers.
Passion for what we do
We will NOT do what we are not passionate about. We make sure every employee is happy with their work and feels pride in accomplishing the task at hand. We set high standards for everyone in the company and ensure we attain them.
Thinking Out of the Box
Our innovative thinking is rooted into all aspects of our existence. We strive to foster innovation, top-down and bottom-up throughout the organization