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Commitment to Diversity

The workforce is diversity challenged, Redolent is committed to fixing the lopsided rules of the game

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Diversity & Inclusivity

At Redolent, we are committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion not just in spirit but in our actions.  Our workforce constitutes a diverse group of people which is reflective of businesses and companies we serve. 

Our strength lies in establishing relationships with industry leaders so we can accelerate the building of a more inclusive and equitable workforce by eliminating bias during the screening processes.  We are mindful of industry best practices, so we can deliver on the promise of DEI initiatives.

At Redolent

At Redolent, we believe a diverse workforce harbingers new ideas and new perspectives and  we are proud that these ideals are valued and respected by our business partners

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Our talent

We source our talent from historically black colleges and universities, institutions serving the hispanic populations and from women’s colleges. 

We also tap into the veterans talent pool by posting jobs on military friendly job board such as  National Labor Exchange,, &