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Cool Tools
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Redolent believes and puts efforts into bringing innovation to our products and services.
Providing true value to our customer is our motto. To achieve this, we put efforts inresearch and development. Find some good tools, softwares and sample code, which is result of such efforts byRedolent, Inc.

Please, feel free to provide any feedback you may have.

CSS Shop

CSS Shop is great tool for creating HTML CSS file based on user defined templates and then creatingdifferent skins for given template

  • Define Template for CSS file.
  • Choose Elements of CSS template consisting of Class Names, HTML Tags or Specific IDs
  • Define attributes of each element out of all possible attributes of CSS ( Drop-down provided for attributes to choose from)
  • Define skin(s) for each template based on elements in template
  • Preview of skins available at run-time.
  • HTML color selector palette provided.
  • Templates stored in XML format
  • Skins are stored at properties file
  • No need for database. Read/Write is performed directly against XML file!
  • Multiple skin support for each CSS template.
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Dynamic JSP Creator

Dynamic JSP Creator is dynamic tool for creating JSP files on the fly.
It is quite useful for database driven application. Using wizard, one can create JSP filein minutes based on database columns.

  • Simple Web interface.
  • Choose schema of database
  • Choose columns required in the web page
  • Choose type of web page
  • Choose extra elements required on the web page
  • Generate JSP pages based on template.
  • Support for non-template based JSP file too.
  • So it's simple. Why write all the code ?. Create JSP pages quickly.
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Many more coming soon....