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IT Staffing Solutions
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Redolent provides wide range of IT Staffing related services.

Need a project-based consultant?
Seeking a permanent hire?
Need a managed team for ongoing work?

One of our flexible programs will help you perfectly manage your workflow and help solve your workforce challenges.


Our services include, but not limited to:

  • Precision-Fit Temporary/Contract Staffing
  • Contract-To-Hire
  • Recruit For Hire
  • Staff Augmentation


Our IT Staffing Related Services

Precision-Fit Temporary/Contract Staffing

Have a project that needs specialized skills? Is there time pressure to complete a project? Need a qualified individual to cover for a core employee who is out on sick leave or vacation? We maintain an extensive database of prescreened, qualified candidates to quickly and effectively fill your short or long-term needs.


We call this our no-risk, getting-to-know-you solution. This program allows both employee and employer to evaluate the fit before making a long-term commitment. We’ll match a qualified candidate with a position on a temporary basis, with the goal of the assignment becoming permanent if agreeable to both parties.

Recruit For Hire

Redolent, Inc is continually recruiting, so you don’t have to. For permanent hires, we can save employers time and money by providing high caliber candidates that have been carefully screened and pre-qualified.

Staff Augmentation

Redolent, Inc understand that no two engagements are the same. Our Staff Augmentation services include augmenting client team at site, or in a hybrid on/offsite model, or completely offsite in India. Clients requiring to start a time-critical project and need people with software skills they do not already have in house or do not wish to permanently hire find our services ideal. Our clients stay with us because of our ability to both anticipate their needs and to provide the technical skills required on a timely, cost-effective basis, with complete accountability, flexibility and value.

Our Strength - redEdge™

Redolent has required experience, expertise and vision to design, develop and deploy solution which is right for our customers. With proven delivery process customer's ROI is guaranteed.

Get IT Solved with Redolent