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Our Methodology
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Redolent, Inc firmly believes that good products and services require prudent process and industry proven practices.

In order to provide quality customer service, we normally follow proven process for life cycle of assignment or project.

Typically, Redolent follows following steps for any assigment, however, exact number of steps and flow may change depending on:
  • Type of assignment - Like web based, enterprise, architecture services, implementation all have different type of requirements and details differ from one another.
  • Redolent involvement in the assignment
  • Vertical domain of assignment
  • Timeframe and schedule for the assignment

Software Development Life Cycle

Steps and benchmarks for our assigment

  • Requirement Gathering:

    • Initial engagement
    • Initiate project and gather requirements
    • Receive Request For Proposal (RFP) document or Project Requirement Document (PRD) from Client
  • Proposal Submission:

    • Submit technical profile and initial proposal to client
  • Screening/Interview:

    • Phone/personal screening by client, if needed
  • Finalization of Proposal:

    • Revision to proposal, if needed (based on client feedback/requirements)
    • Sign-off on proposal and Terms/Condition
  • Design and Development:

    • Start the assignment/development work and follow details given in Project Requirement Document (PRD)
    • Sign-off for each mile-stone & payment (If any) associated with mile-stone
  • Unit Testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT):

    • Unit Testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and its sign-off
  • Delivery:

    • Delivery and/or installation of software (As agreed in Project Request Document (PRD))
  • Post Delivery/Installation Support:

    • Support work, if any (as per Project Request Document (PRD))

Find out more about our process and methodology in individual sections.