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Quality Assurance
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At Redolent, Inc, we go beyond providing development services. We work with our clients through technology and business changes that shape their competitive advantage. In the globally competitive and rapdidly changing software industry, Quality and Brand are vital for success. Moreover, the increased complexity of software-based applications has made testing very specialized and challenging no matter the business.

Whether you're developing or integrating software in-house or using an outsourced vendor for development, we'll help you deliver strong results for quality deliverables.

Our QA service lines include and cover various types of software and applications:

Partial list of service areas

  • Software Products
  • Web Applications
  • B2B Infrastructure


Quality Improvement Support Solution

Our Strength - redEdge™

Redolent has required experience, expertise and vision to design, develop and deploy solution which is right for our customers. With proven delivery process customer's ROI is guaranteed.

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