A manufacturing company – New Online order management System

Problem Statement

A Stencil manufacturing company used disconnected and broken order management system consisting of  manual emails, excel files and attachments. This resulted in inefficiency, repeated manual tasks, errors , reduced customer satisfaction and impacting  bottom line !


Redolent, Inc developed a cloud  based order management systems from scratch, which integrates all features from order entry till delivery

Redolent, Inc and its team developed complete cloud based OMS solution consisting of following modules after vigorous requirement gathering and discovering process

  • Order Entry
  • Order processing Flow
  • Customer management
  • Shipment and logistics
  • Order History
  • Account management
  • Communication



Cloud based Order management system resulted into multiple benefits and value, which client was looking for

  • Higher productivity
  • Increased efficiency
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Cost saving on labor costs
  • Increased production volume



Redolent, Inc’s ability to transform any legacy system into cloud based integrated end to end system can provide great value, increased productivity and bottom line to any client.

Talk to us for any of your digital transformation needs.


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