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Redolent is a minority-owned business committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

We are certified with diversity champions - NMSDC.

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Diversity & Inclusivity

At Redolent, we are committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion not just in spirit but in our actions.  Our workforce constitutes a diverse group of people which is reflective of businesses and companies we serve. 
Our strength lies in establishing relationships with industry leaders so we can accelerate the building of a more inclusive and equitable workforce by eliminating bias during the screening processes.  We are mindful of industry best practices, so we can deliver on the promise of DEI initiatives.

At Redolent

At Redolent, we believe a diverse workforce are forerunners of new ideas and new perspectives and  we are proud that these ideals are valued and respected by our business partners

Embracing Diversity: How DEI Powers Business Excellence

Better decision-making

* Diverse and Inclusive teams consistently make better business decisions.
* Diverse teams bring unique and thoughtful perspectives to fact finding and analysis.

Increased innovation and creativity

*Diverse teams foster new ideas and new approaches to problem solving.
* Diverse teams challenge assumptions and biases which leads to increased market share.

Attract and retain top talent

* A diverse workplace is better positioned to hire and retain top talent.
*A diverse and inclusive workplace fosters trust and commitment from the employees.

Outperform competitors

* Diverse teams have better market insights because of their unique experiences. .
* Diverse teams are agile and quickly adapt to change ensuring a company stays competitive and relevant.

Our talent

We emphasize diversity sourcing as it is the first step towards building a diverse workforce. Our talent sourcing efforts include sourcing from a wide range of institutions and universities which have historically served the African American populations, the Hispanic populations or Women’s colleges.

We also regularly attend Career Fairs and remain active with the local Meet-up communities.

We proactively look for talent beyond traditional degrees and education by employing skill and experience based sourcing strategies.

We also tap into the Veteran talent pool by posting jobs on military friendly job board such as  National Labor Exchange, &