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Automation Engineering

We assist clients automate manual processes helping them stay agile and responsive to changing market conditions.

In an era of increasing technology investments, companies are required to scale business while minimizing workforce expansion and operational complexity. Automation emerges as the definitive solution. At Redolent, we specialize in automation tools like Python Automation Scripts, Advanced Algorithms, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and more. These tools streamline processes, increase efficiency, and seamlessly adapt to evolving market dynamics.

Redolent Inc offers much more than Bots to automate business processes. We leverage cloud analytics, machine learning, RPA, and AI to streamline workflows, reduce redundancies, and make businesses profitable. As a digital first services provider, our DNA is rooted in automation – in engineering, testing, data analysis and visualization.



Lay the foundation for a successful automation transformation.

Redolent Inc strategically guides businesses through automation adoption by identifying key opportunities, optimizing infrastructure and resources, and ensuring alignment between project outcomes and business strategies.

Services include:


Accelerate your automation strategy to achieve better return on investment.

Redolent Inc supports delivery teams in conducting comprehensive assessments of their automation readiness, examining critical factors like the business environment, IT infrastructure, and technical skillsets.

Services include:


Explore your automation boundaries with rapid POCs – provide proof points for your transformation roadmap.

Redolent Inc helps businesses explore new use cases for automation by addressing challenges around unstructured content, providing end-to-end business process coverage, and incorporating the latest automation technologies.

Services include:


Maximize ROI and utilization, minimize downtime, and stay ahead of disruptions to your automation.

Redolent Inc ensures high availability of mission critical processes and infrastructure with 24×7 automated monitoring, support, and remediation.

Services include:


Redolent Inc has capabilities for Automation Anywhere RPA and IQBot products. 

Advantages of RPA:


Align development and testing for success in the digital era

Redolent Inc’s Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) services lead the way in driving your digital initiatives. We empower Test/QA teams to anticipate and meet the evolving demands of the digital landscape by providing them with strategies, methodologies, and tools for achieving excellence. Our suite of services cover the entire spectrum of your digital testing needs.

Our expertise includes:

RPA (Robotic Process Automation )

Redolent Inc has capabilities for Automation Anywhere’s RPA and IQBot products. Intelligent Automation helps clients automate processes that are often slow, tedious and manual, making the companies more responsive to their markets.

Advantages of RPA

Accelerated transformation

Among global executive, 63% say RPA is a major component in digital transformation.

Pegasystems survey

Major cost savings

RPA drives rapid, significant improvement to business metrics across industries and aroung the world.

IT Central Station: Key Drivers of Time to Value in RPA

Greater resilience

RPA robots can ramp up Quickly to match workload peaks and respond to big demand spikes.

Learn how RPA helped scale COVID testing

Higher accuracy

57% say RPA reduces manual errors.

Forrester, "Impact of RPA on Employee Experience"

Improved compliance

92% agree RPA has 'met or exceeded expectations' for better compliance.

Delotte "3rd Annual RPA Survey" 2018

Boosted productivity

68% of global workers believe automation will make them more productive.

UiPath survey of 45000 global workers

More value from

60% of executives agree RPA enables people to focus on more strategic work.

Forrester, "Impact of RPA on Employee Experience"

Happier employees

57% of executives say RPA increases employee engagement.

Forrester, "Impact of RPA on Employee Experience"


Align development and testing for success in the digital era

Redolent Inc test/QA services set the pace for your digital initiatives. We help Test/QA teams prepare for the new requirements of digital and equip them with the strategies, methodologies, and tools for success. Our comprehensive suite of services cover the full breadth of your digital testing needs.

Our expertise includes:

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