Contingent Workforce- Benefits for Employers

Contingent Workforce – Benefits for Employers

The present-day business flourishes on adaptability because the market trends shift quickly, project needs evolve continually, and having the proper talent at the proper time is vital for success.  Increased competition requires companies to move quickly to adapt to constantly changing business environment. In hi-tech world, human capital is the main asset and critical to […]

Impact of AI on Staffing industry ( Series – 2/10) – AI sourcing

In our first blog article, we covered overview of  how  AI will impact and influence different aspect and elements of  staffing and Talent management  industry. This blog post will emphasize on the first step of Talent management process, which is  Sourcing ! Talent Sourcing As we say, a good start is winning half the battle! […]

Impact of AI on Staffing industry ( Series -1/10)

Artificial intelligence (AI) – Reshaping Industries AI is revolutionizing industries by fundamentally transforming the way businesses operate. The influence AI has on each industry, domain, and vertical is uniquely nuanced, shaped by factors such as technological integration and the inherent characteristics of tasks and work processes. The transformative force of AI has been profound in […]